For Companies

Boost your community impact

Paladin helps companies gain insight into their attorneys’ pro bono preferences, source and manage great pro bono cases, and track participation to fully capture their impact.

We’ve made it easy


Survey attorneys

Paladin surveys attorneys’ interests, availability, and special skills and delivers personalized pro bono opportunities right to their inbox.


Take on a case

We connect attorneys interested in taking on a case with legal aid organizations in the community.


Track your impact

Paladin captures data and creates reports on the company's participation, outcomes and impact to use in company materials.

Help us close the justice gap

Millions of people and nonprofits need pro bono legal help, and there are 1.3 million lawyers in America who can lend a hand. We believe that by making it easier for lawyers to connect with pro bono that they’re passionate about, we can increase the impact of pro bono and make the world a more just place.