For Legal Aid Organizations

Broaden your reach

Paladin helps legal aid organizations source qualified attorneys passionate about their mission, and build relationships with firms, companies and law schools, at no cost.

We’ve made it easy


Find the right attorney

Legal aids send their opportunities through Paladin to lawyers at partner institutions, whose experience, interests and availability match the organization’s preferences.


Attorney intake

When an attorney is interested in a case, Paladin provides a profile detailing the attorney’s experience and special skills to make it easy for the organization to ensure it’s a good fit.


Measure your impact

Paladin captures participation and outcome data for each case or clinic an attorney completes, which can be shared with organizations to help them track their impact.

Help us close the justice gap

Millions of people and nonprofits need pro bono legal help, and there are 1.3 million lawyers in America who can lend a hand. We believe that by making it easier for lawyers to connect with pro bono that they’re passionate about, we can increase the impact of pro bono and make the world a more just place.