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Careers Help us build a platform for global justice.

At Paladin, our vision is to become the go-to platform for connecting the pro bono community and empowering them with leading-edge tools to expand and accelerate access to justice around the world.

Access to justice is a huge, global problem.

Globally, 5.1B people lack meaningful access to justice, and in the U.S. alone, according to the Legal Services Corporation, 92% of civil legal needs are inadequately met, or not met at all. From immigrants to veterans to low-income tenants to small business owners to the formerly incarcerated and beyond, the legal industry has the power to leverage their skills and help those most in need.

  • 5.1B people lack meaningful access to justice;
  • 92% of civil legal needs are inadequately met, 
or not met at all;
  • Paladin Employees Gathering Paladin Employees at a retreat

Together, we can make an impact.

At Paladin, we envision a future where a global network of attorneys and legal organizations work together to deliver pro bono services to every person who needs them. We are building a diverse team of design thinkers, visionary coders, strategic partners, and mission-driven hustlers to create that future.

Open Positions:

Client Support & Implementation Specialist

Account Executive

Our Values Our values reflect the lens through which we seek to achieve our vision. 

  • Three rings symbolizing connectivity


    We believe that collaboration will transform the pro bono ecosystem. We view ourselves as a bridge-builder between individuals and organizations, connecting them in meaningful ways.

  • Empowerment


    We seek to empower and mobilize lawyers to engage in more and better pro bono. We want to provide them with the tools, resources and community that they need to be successful.

  • Simplicity


    The pro bono ecosystem is complex. And, lawyers are already overworked. We seek to bring as much simplicity and ease to our champions as possible.

  • Respect


    At Paladin, we believe that every human deserves fairness and respect. We are here to create a more equitable future for everyone.

Benefits of Working at Paladin

  • Competitive salary and equity packages

  • Top notch health care

  • 401k plan with matching

  • Generous vacation package

  • Remote work equipment set up

  • The chance to make a big impact on a small team

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