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Legal Services Advisory Council

    Meet Paladin's Legal Services Advisory Council Members represent organizations nationwide, including California, Georgia, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, and Washington, DC.

    The Legal Services Advisory Council is made up of legal services professionals who share the mission of expanding access to justice by empowering legal teams to do more pro bono, more efficiently. The Advisory Council advises Paladin on product innovation, develops best practices, shares thought leadership, and represents Paladin to the legal service community.

    The Advisory Council dives into topics such as relationship-building with law firms, best practices for volunteer recruitment, and how to leverage technology for pro bono programs. By reaching across Paladin’s network of legal services organizations, law firms, corporate in-house teams, and state bar associations, the Advisory Council gathers feedback, shares insights, and reflects emerging ideas to the pro bono community.

    We are grateful for the partnership of these exceptional professionals.

    Legal Services Advisory Council Our Members