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Three Things Pro Bono Volunteers Want to Know Before They Volunteer

Recruiting lawyers to take on pro bono matters can be difficult, but it can be made easier by understanding what’s important for your volunteer audience to know before they agree to take on a matter. Here are three things pro bono lawyers want to know before they volunteer:

  1. What will I be doing? Including the practice area helps the lawyer quickly evaluate whether they have the relevant experience. Tip: Include information on any training, mentoring or supervision that might be provided to help lawyers who might not have all the experience feel comfortable taking on the matter.
  2. Who will I be helping? Lawyers are oftentimes passionate about supporting certain causes or communities. Provide a bit of detail to let the volunteer know who they will be helping (“Help a domestic violence victim…”)
  3. What level of time commitment should I expect? Including a range of hours helps the volunteer decide whether they have capacity to take on the matter. Tip: Lawyers are increasingly interested in taking on limited scope or bite-sized matters. Consider ways to reduce the scope of larger projects, possibly by phases.

Paladin’s opportunity form is designed with both the legal services organizations and potential volunteers in mind. It’s simple for you to complete and provides the volunteer with the information they need to volunteer! Click the button below to learn more about how Paladin’s no-cost pro bono platform helps hundreds of legal services organizations.

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