We’re thrilled to announced the launch of our first-ever Legal Services Advisory Council! Drawing its members from legal services organizations across the country, the Advisory Council represents decades’ worth of experience in legal service delivery and pro bono program management. The Advisory Council will advise Paladin on product innovation, develop thought leadership, and deepen Paladin’s connections throughout the legal service community.

“Empowering the legal service community is central to Paladin’s mission, and we’re excited to be welcoming this incredible group of advocates to launch our inaugural Legal Services Advisory Council,” said Ilana Flemming, Director of Pro Bono Community at Paladin. “We’re looking forward to collaborating closely with the Advisory Council to continue building pro bono technology and innovating the pro bono ecosystem.”

Members represent organizations nationwide, including California, Georgia, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, and Washington, DC. Their experience spans a range of practice areas, from immigration to family law to disability rights, and an array of pro bono models, from pro se clinics to impact litigation.

“Paladin is already an invaluable tool for building and managing our relationships with our pro-bono partners,” said Collin Mickle, Managing Attorney at Tahirih Justice Center, Atlanta. “It’s exciting to have this opportunity to contribute to Paladin’s future and make an even better resource and community.”

Jennifer Monthie, Legal Director at Disability Rights New York, said, “I feel privileged and honored to have been asked to be a part of this initiative. Paladin has been an exceptional resource for DRNY. The process is quick and efficient, as we can promptly post our needs and receive responses. We have made connections easily, saving us both resources and time. These connections are crucial to our work, and I am happy to be a part of expanding this resource to others. I hope to contribute my expertise to ensure this resource is accessible to anyone who needs it.”

The Advisory Council will dive into topics such as relationship-building with law firms, best practices for volunteer recruitment, and how to leverage technology for pro bono programs. By reaching across Paladin’s network of legal services organizations, law firms, corporate in-house teams, and state bar associations, the Advisory Council will be able to gather feedback, share insights, and reflect emerging ideas to the pro bono community.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the Advisory Council helping to bring the legal services community’s voice to Paladin’s development,” said Carrie Holmes, Executive Director at the Center for Access to QDROs. “Paladin makes it easy for attorneys to volunteer for causes, clients, and projects in need of their time and expertise, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!”

The Advisory Council was launched in July 2023, and the inaugural members will continue to guide its scope and focus areas through the 2023-2024 term. We are excited to welcome our Advisory Council members, and we’re grateful for their dedication to legal service and pro bono innovation!

Ilana Flemming Bio Picture

Ilana Flemming

Ilana is passionate about increasing access to justice and empowering attorneys to engage with meaningful pro bono work. Prior to joining Paladin, she was a staff attorney at Cabrini Green Legal Aid, where she worked with major law firms to develop, implement, and manage pro bono programs. After graduating from The George Washington University Law School, Ilana worked in non-profit policy advocacy, advocating on Capitol Hill for laws that improve the health and safety of women.

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